Being anti-social in Magaluf

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the beach at Magaluf - not a whiff f anti-scoial behaviour. And that's how it should be.

the beach at Magaluf – not a whiff of anti-social behaviour. And that’s how it should be.

The incidents that took place last summer in Magaluf highlighted the difficulties that Magaluf – and Calvià – face due to antisocial behaviour. They combined to give a picture of rowdy, drunken bunch of Brits who made life difficult for other tourists. Whilst this is exaggerated and untrue since not only Brits were involved, that was the way it was portrayed. That image has concerned the authorities which is why these regulations came about.

The Balearic Government and all the regional authorities and associations involved have agreed unanimously that neither the practices undertaken by some businesses nor the antisocial behaviour of a small number of tourists will be tolerated.

The measures aim to ease antisocial behaviour in Punta Ballena and will consist of increasing the number of inspection visits, developing a new “best practices” code for businesses located in tourist areas and establishing a protocol of action as well as the creation of a legal framework to sanction specific behaviours.

In particular the following measures will be adopted:

  1. A new social regulation bylaw will be passed by the council forbidding the consumption of alcohol in the streets and other antisocial behaviour. This may include a ban on pub crawls
  2. Police patrolling, inspections and administrative sanctions will be increased:
  3. Public safety will be improved with the increased presence of the Spanish Civil Guard
  4. International combined police patrols, which will include British agents, will be increased
  5. Coordinated inspection campaigns with other administrative bodies
  6. Reinforcement of the tourist information service’s duties

Magaluf will be granted a new administrative status as a “mature” tourist area. As a consequence all tourist accommodation will be given six months to present a modernisation plan to adapt hotels and apartments to the new hotel rating specifications and all tourism businesses will be obliged to develop modernisation and quality plans.

So far, over 100 million euros have been invested in the renovation and upgrade of several hotels in Magaluf. A further 200 million euros will be invested and the boulevard that connects the beachfront streets will be pedestrianised.

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