Hats off to Gloucester and Sheffield

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Money-SavingAn online money transfer service, Xendpay, has conducted a survey which claims to show that those people living in Gloucester and Sheffield were the stingiest tippers.

Put it another way, those city dwellers have decided that tipping is outdated and shouldn’t be considered when paying bills.

As far as I am concerned, these sensible residents are making a stand against an outdated system which heaps guilt onto people as to whether they should or shouldn’t tip and how much should they leave? Does it go on the credit card or should they leave cash? Will the tip left go the person who gave me service or will it go into a pot to be shared by just the waiters, the whole staff and do the owners get their cut? Has the restaurant already added a charge to the bill?

Its time this system ended. The arguments have been debated for years. In this day of minimum wages and living ones, employers should be paying a wage that reflects the work. I don’t get a tip if I write an article with which people agree. I get what I am paid to do and so should everyone else. You don’t walk to the front of a train or bus or plane and tip the driver. The person in a supermarket who goes and finds the packet of cereal you want that isn’t on display doesn’t get tipped for doing their job so why should those people in hospitality?

Good luck to those of you in Gloucester and Sheffield who have made the stand and not tipped. May everyone else follow suit.

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