Holidaying in North Korea

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North Korea uses old style images to say all is well

North Korea uses old style images to say all is well

I don’t remember a tourism campaign from North Korea before but expect to see specialised tour operators and travel agents promoting the country next year.

The country more often known for appearing in the news pages of papers rather than in the tourism press has sent a delegation to the World Travel Market to try and raise its appeal to visitors. the posters that are reminiscent of the placards that you see in news stories about its leader are on display as you can see from the images here.

The country wants to stress that you shouldn’t regard North Korea as a country that is hidden away or difficult to get to. They want you to know that it is possible to get there and its safe to visit and travel around in. they also tell us that it is easy to get to and easy to move around but is it? Given that two travellers have recently been under detention it might make some people wonder. Having said that though, if you are a travelling as part of an escorted group, there should be no problems and if the country is serious about opening itself up for visitors it will need to deliver on the claims that it is making.

All North Koreans are happy and smiling...

All North Koreans are happy and smiling…

So what sort of people will travel there? There are many people who have a list of countries they want to visit or a desire to travel to 100 different countries. There are those who want to go where few have been before and certainly not their neighbours. Ony 5,000 visitors a year will be allowed entry making it a pretty exclusive destination. And then there are those who will want to go to see a place that is unspoiled by tourism so far. In its infancy, North Korea will change as it adapts to the needs of tourism and those that visit before that happens will see something that will probably disappear within 10 or 20 years.

It all depends on how serious the country is about opening its doors to visitors.

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