Roaming charges must still be too high

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Top Connect's Mikhail Markin

Mikhail Markin of TravelSim

Mobile phone roaming charges have been a sore point with holiday makers and travellers for years. Whilst the EU has caused those charges to be slashed in its boundaries, charges incurred outside the EU have not been so quick to come down.

Holidaymakers looked elsewhere for pre-paid suppliers which would offer them substantial savings over the usual providers. But how many of us bothered to consider those cheaper alternatives and just cut back on any calls or messaging instead?

It appears a lot of us.

Top Connect has just announced that it has just topped 5 million sales of its TravelSim service allowing users to save – collectively – some $280 million compared to costs they would have incurred if they had used their own supplier.

Compared to last year that means a further 1.4 million of us had signed up to the TravelSim suggesting that these roaming charges are still onerous and traditional suppliers are still taking the rest of us for a ride when it comes to charges.

TravelSim claims to be the world’s leading call back, pre-paid communications service for travelers and holidaymakers.  They say that, using TravelSim, users avoid high calling and data roaming charges from their local providers when crossing frontiers and can save up to 85% of costs usually associated with international mobile communications.

Mikhail Markin, of Top Connect says, “In just 10 months, our customer base has grown 38% and collective roaming savings for users have soared by 40%.”

If savings of 85% can be made, the margins enjoyed by local providers in some parts of the world must be large. Why would any traveler or holidaymaker not opt for a solution suggest as TravelSim?


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