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Perplexed © Dan Sperrin

Perplexed © Dan Sperrin

Yesterday the Local Government Association called for the removal of a blanket ban that prevents mums and dads taking children out of school for holidays during term.

According to them head teachers should be allowed to follow a ‘common sense’ approach to allowing parents to take children out of school during term-time without being hit with an automatic fine, according to council leaders.

The BBC quotes an education department spokeswoman as saying that “heads still had flexibility” and noting that heads could allow holidays to be taken out-of-school in exceptional circumstances.

So is there a blanket ban or exceptional flexibility?

If the government and the LGA can’ be sure what the rules are, what hope for the parents?

The LGA produced figures showing the disparity between costs of a holiday during half term and the same outside the holiday period showing that  hundreds of pounds could be saved by holidaying during them time. Any parent could have told them that. So why didn’t the LGA speak up when the new rules came in?

Only this week it emerged that Jenny Winder, head teacher at Elstow Lower School in Bedfordshire had booked a Caribbean holiday during term time. Saying it was private and refusing to comment how does that square with what parents can or cannot do? Will she be fined? Will the school governors who approved her application?

Just about Travel has argued that taking children out of school in term time for small periods of time doesn’t affect their education but actually can help it. Parliament debated it last February but nothing changed.

This government policy is in a mess where two different government bodies cannot agree, where a teacher can flout it and parents are stuck in the middle.

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