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flight delays

it wasn’t the weather so why were so many flights delayed?

If you travelled to Spain this summer out of either Gatwick or Manchester and were delayed, you weren’t alone.

According to new figures from, the consumer portal for air passenger compensation for delayed, cancelled or overbooked flights, flights to Spain on certain routes were mostly likely to be delayed for 3 hours or more. In particular the Gatwick links with Barcelona, Palme de Mallorca, Malaga and the Portuguese gateway into the Algarve, Faro, were most likely to be affected. The Manchester flights to Palma de Mallorca were similarly hit.

At least passengers on these routes could get to their destinations. Not so lucky were those using major hubs from Heathrow and London City. Flights from Heathrow to Paris Orly, Frankfurt and Dusseldorf were more likely to be cancelled along with flights from London City to Paris Orly and Zurich. What isn’t answered by flightright is why the delays and cancellations occurred. Is it because there were many other flights and passengers were “consolidated” onto those or is it due to planes having technical problems? Without knowing the reasons it is hard to say whether this might continue.

What can’t be questioned is their summary that of the 752,000 flights through British airports this summer, 161,570 or 21% of all flights were delayed although I would like to see how many were delayed by a smaller span such as just a few minutes or whether they are using the standard aviation definition of “delayed” which is over fifteen minutes.

This is a very unwelcome increase over last year and passengers are entitled to ask why so many were affected. Airports, airlines and the flight controllers should be required to explain these delays and demonstrate that holidays should be less inconvenienced in the future.


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