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Josiah Wedgwood

Wedgwood – the Heritage Lottery Fund has donated  to try and stop the Wedgwood Museum being broken up. A campaign is underway to raise the remaining sums.

Many of us go on holiday  or take a day trip, marvel at a building or heritage site, talk about it and possibly even become a “friend”  but have you thought of doing more?

The Heritage Lottery Fund on which a lot of organisations that we visit rely for to-up cash and grants is looking for four committee members in the East Midlands, Northern Ireland, Wales, Yorkshire and the Humber to help them make decisions on where the cash they have goes.

And why shouldn’t it be you? After all, you and I as holidaymakers are key in deciding what is popular by the fact that we visit them. We spend our money to visit them and, by doing that, help preserve them. Too often the holidaymaker is overlooked and it is the historian, the architect, the tourism professional that decides. They all perform important roles but so do we. Without us, there may not be an attraction for the future because our money is the biggest part of that support and our visits confirm that appeal.

The Fund is keen to receive applications from people from a variety of backgrounds and experiences who can demonstrate an affinity for a country or region’s diverse heritage. Those considering applying need to have a broad appreciation of heritage and a commitment to promoting public understanding and enjoyment of it to the widest possible audience. We are keen applicants demonstrate a thorough knowledge of local issues and an understanding of project development and delivery. But you also need to be able to put your point of view across as well.

This isn’t a job so the workload isn’t onerous. Committees meet just four times a year and take decisions on requests between £100,000 and £2million. They also provide crucial local perspectives and a guide on priorities for larger grants and targeted initiative decisions which come before the UK Board. And there are perks to the membership as well. You get invited to some of the places to see the effects the money makes and you can see behind the scenes, something we as visitors don’t often get to do.

If you fancy making a difference, then you can click here to learn more or go to the Heritage Lottery Fund website, click on the region in which you are interested and scroll down to the story.  And the very best of luck in your application.



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