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Ryanair Business Plus

full of business class passengers from now on?

Yes, the airline has announced that it will offer business class to passengers. Called Ryanair Business Plus you can start booking it now but is it just another way to get money from us or does it have certain advantages. Will we, the ordinary passenger use it?

The airline says that this business class ticket provides flexibility on ticket changes, a 20kg hold baggage allowance, fast track security at certain airports, priority boarding and premium seating. But what does all that actually mean?

Then I get stuck as Ryanair provide no further information. We aren’t told if the seats are wider, made of leather or silk, recline or not so I can’t say that they are better. We are told there is more leg room but that these seats may not available as other passengers could have booked them first. And if you decide after the initial booking that you want to go back into the system and book them, then you will pay extra.

You can pay for priority boarding at the moment so that’s of no great extra value so the key things look to be flexibility and fast tracked security.

Fares will start at £69 so considering how much you can be asked to pay if you don’t make your flight through of fault of your own, this could be of considerable benefit. You will be able to change your ticket to another flight on that same day but to a different day could incur costs. And if you really can get fast tracked though security where queues are virtually guaranteed at certain times of the day could also help but it is limited to just five UK and Irish airports – Dublin, East Midlands, Liverpool, Manchester and Stansted. Again, if you decide after the original booking that you want fast track you will have to pay for it.

So I decided to test the system to see what it would cost. I looked at flying from Manchester on 10th September for a short-break in Gran Canaria, returning on the 14th. The “normal fare” was £260.98 return whilst the business plus fare was £404.98. Was it worth the extra £144? The hold charge for a 20kg bag was £45 each way and allocated seat was £10 or £15 each way depending on your choice so you are getting close to that £144. Each passenger will have to judge.

As will easyJet, Will they ramp up their appeal to business people or consumers by offering a service with more on offer? It could be the start of an interesting time for passengers as the airlines woo us even harder.

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