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queues at Heathrow

Check-in at Heathrow. Do we really have to ut ourselves through this just for a holiday?

Yesterday Kaye argued against holidaying at home. I can’t let that go without a defence of holidaying at home!

Let’s start with the biggest reason for avoiding a holiday abroad.

British airports.

Mmost of us would have to use Gatwick, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Manchester, Dublin or Stansted for our holidays because this is where the flights go from. Lucky we are if we can fly from one of the smaller airports where security and check-in can be achieved quickly and painlessly. You can spend wasted hours just getting to, getting through and returning via these airports. I reckon between half and three quarters of a day is lost in just faffing around travelling. And that’s provided you have a valid passport and you aren’t queued up to get it back from the passport office!

how we look after a long flight?

modern overseas travelling making us zombie-like?

And there’s the stress. Going abroad makes you feel you have to see as much, do as much and enjoy as much as you can in your short 7, 10 or 14 day trip. Why is this? Is it because we feel we may never return to that destination? Whatever it is, overseas holidays can be tiring, irritable and lead to arguments about who wants to do what. With a holiday at home it is less stressful because you know it is easier to get back to that destination or attraction. You don’t feel like you need another holiday to recover from the one you have just had.

the old mill and the falls at Cenarth. Our scenery is a s good as anything I can see abroad

the old mill and the falls at Cenarth. Our scenery is a s good as anything I can see abroad

You can get the scenery to rival almost anywhere; the cuisine is some of our bigger cities that offers cooking styles from almost anywhere on earth and you can get the sunshine. In the evening I walk down to our local river at dusk to see kingfishers and bats although I have still to see the otters.

Do I really want to brag about where I have been and load up innumerable pictures of me in a daft hat looking as though I am enjoying myself? I don’t feel the need to compete with friends or even enemies. That all takes time. Why not enjoy myself instead? I can see whales and dolphins off our coastlines although lions, wildebeest and rhinos are a little less common around our neck of the woods.

the Rialto in venice - OK I can't see this at home

the Rialto in venice – OK I can’t see this at home

I don’t feel I need an overseas holiday to say I have had the best of times. But equally, I have to admit, I wouldn’t want not to go abroad and holiday either. A week travelling in a country or destination you don’t know will show you things only books and websites hint about but cannot really portray the smells, local atmospheres and true colours nor the attitude of the locals. After all, when has a tourist destination website ever said that the locals areen’t welcoming and friendly? Nothing beats the real thing regardless of the images or the persuasiveness of the words used.

In truth I want both, overseas and domestic breaks so maybe Kaye is half-right. It just means when I go abroad I don’t enjoy the travel  as Robert Louis Stevenson once did. Just the places. the rest is a hassle!

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