Dinosaurs Unleashed

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EdenLast Monday a new “attraction” opened at the Eden Project in Cornwall. Designed to appeal to the young and the inquisitive, the idea behind “Dinosaurs Unleashed” is that it will turn visitors into explorers as they track down and discover things about the giant beasts that used to rule the planet.

They will meet the most feared predator of all, a Tyrannosaurus rex, as it devours its Triceratops prey. They will have the chance to hone their explorer skills by searching for an escaped dinosaur and, if they are brave enough, they will come within touching distance of the lost monster.

The Dig Pit will provide adventure of a different kind as families burrow down to discover a fossilised Stegosaurus skeleton and see how palaeontologists first found and pieced together the giants of the past.

Explorers will start at Basecamp where they will learn what they need to complete their quest around the Eden site. At the Explorer Field Stations they will find out all about explorers from the past and maybe even the present and find out why they made history and what we can learn from them. In the Dinosaur Exhibition in the Core they will explore why scientists think they were so big and delve into some of the theories of how they were wiped out 65 million years ago. Here, too, they will be able to go nose-to-nose with history by viewing an amazing collection of dinosaur fossils including real dinosaur eggs, a fossilised brain, a whole skeleton and a real T-rex tooth.

But the age of dinosaurs isn’t just about the animals that roamed our planet. In The Crater of the Tyrant King, they will be able to step boldly into an ancient, exotic landscape of raw earth, rocks, roots, ferns, dripping mosses and giant redwood trees, habitat of the frog, snake and giant centipede.

For more aboutv the Eden Project. click here.

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