The passenger comes first

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air-indiaIn India, the Ministry of Civil Aviation has decided that airlines, airports and the whole process of air travel should be made more passenger friendly. Hurrah!

Lots of governments, airports, airlines and just about every other company say this. They talk about being customer-centric and use similar jargon to show they have read the latest management guru but do they understand it? And do they really want to make things easier or is it just because they know that’s want we want to hear?

In India, MoCA has already told Air India to simplify the forms for web booking and evolve a procedure for quicker disposal of refund and loss baggage claims. All Indian and foreign airlines and airport operators have been told to ensure facilities to passengers especially to senior citizens, expectant mothers and those with small children. The government will also to set up security help desks at all the operational airports of the country. If you have travelled through an Indian airport you will know that information desks are, if not few and far between, of varying standards. Last February, they launched a 62 page document concerning the appointment of an ombudsman which  – take note Patrick MacLoughlin –  we don’t have.

Even the helicopter service, Amarnath Yatra have been asked (not told) to provide basic minimum facility like complimentary drinking water, tea/coffee and packed snacks to the pilgrims at the helipads.

On the MoCA website there will be “Passenger Know Your Rights” section which will provide information about special assistance and facilities to be provided by airlines and airport operators as well as providing links to register complaints.

Will all this come to pass? Will all this come to pass in the near future? That is anyone’s guess.


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