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cheap-cruise-mThe big sea-change (forgive the pun) in holidays over the last few years has been the spectacular growth in our taking cruise holidays. Attendance at the Cruise Shows (for which we announced tickets earlier this week) is up with queues forming to enter the competitions for free cruises.

From the Cruise Lines Industry Association comes news that 1.72 million British passengers took a cruise last year. But there are two other figures which they have releases that show the key to this growth. One is that – for the first time – over a million people joined a ship at a British port last year and secondly that 51 ports around our countries received a cruise ship.

The big attraction to joining from a British port is that you can use sterling on board, you don’t have to arrange flights or go anywhere near the queues and you don’t have to experience the potentially time-wasting procedure of getting through airports. You can save yourselves almost two days by not having to fly to or from an overseas port and you may save having to book a hotel room as well.

The other attraction now is that there are so many ports around the UK that handle cruise ships. It used to be that Harwich, Southampton and Tilbury were the main points but now there are 51 in to which you can cruise. Admittedly you can’t join the cruise ship at all of them but had you realised that the there is so much to see in our countries that there are that number of points at which fleets of coaches would meet passengers to show them visitor delights?

No wonder over a quarter of all Europeans who cruise are British.

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