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Gary Cooper in High Noon

Gary Cooper in High Noon

Montana isn’t a state that sees a lot of British visitors and that has a lot to do with it being fairly inaccessible for us. No direct flights and being over towards the west coast means, firstly, we have to change flights and, secondly, the travelling can take a lot of time out of a holiday.

Half of all the visitors who go to Montana will go in the next few months so thinking of the state as a winter ski destination is wide of the mark. It is helped by the act that there is no sales tax on items you might buy. But like all other US states it does charge a lodging tax which will be added to your bill and there are taxes on vehicle hire. But it is an outdoors destination and some sort of hire vehicle is what most visitors will opt for.

To most Brits, Montana conjures up a land of cowboys, of cattle trails and that western heritage summed up by the old film, Cattle Queen of Montana. Here you’ll find the site of Little Big Hon where Colonel Custer met his fate at the hands of Sitting Bull and the state capital- Helena – where one of Hollywood’s most famous cowboys, Gary Cooper, was born.  Montana was also the home of other actors like Steve Reeves who was Mr USA and a muscle man before he starred in European films set in ancient times (but not cowboy films) and Myrna Loy who spat back one-liners in countless Thin Man films and who also – I think – didn’t appear in any westerns. The state has also been the backdrop for many cowboy films as well as others that might surprise you such as Little Big Man, The Shining, The Horse Whisperer  and A River Runs Through It.

It won’t then surprise you then to know that increasing the number of films that are produced in the state as another form of showcasing Montana’s unique qualities

Over the summer an estimated 5.6 million tourists will visit Montana. A large portion of those visitors will take the trip to this northwest corner of the state, drawn by the wide open spaces, the Glacier National Park, Flathead Lake and other scenic areas that set this apart and make it one of Montana’s prime tourist destinations.

But more might be drawn by films and that cowboy past.

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