“Safety in Paradise”

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Air Nz has a tradition of being different. Like a hobbit aircraft

Air Nz has a tradition of being different. Like a hobbit aircraft

This is the name given to the new air passenger safety video that Air New Zealand has been using. Now the airline has removed it as some consider it to be offensive.

A Bear Grylls fronted safety video called “Bear Essentials of Safety” is being used instead.

The airline says that it hasn’t removed the video because of pressure but because their policy is to change videos every couple of months.

Given the title of the Bear Grylls video, you can see that there is a droll sense of humour within the airline so what was there that some deemed offensive about the video?  Shot in Raratonga in the Cook Islands – the video featured  Sports Illustrated Swimsuit models wearing bikinis. And it does plug the islands as a tourist destination.

Yes, the airline said it was tasteful but they would, wouldn’t they.

The fact that the video was to coincide with the 50th anniversary of its Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit edition suggest that the magazine may have paid some sponsorship monies for the video.

Along with 5.3 million others I watched the video on You Tube (well it had to end up there didn’t it?) and it certainly isn’t as risque as a Carry on film or even Baywatch. And if Air New Zealand continue in having innovative videos thatv really make people watch, can that be a bad thing. At least it shows what happens to a life jacket in water which is more than any other vidoe I have seen.

It has certainly gained the magazine lots of column inches. It will certainly help the Cook Islands tourism business. What it has done for the airline is anyone’s guess but I’d be prepared to bet that passengers will look with more than the usual cursory glance at their safety videos in the future.

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