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the new labels to look out for

the new labels to look out for

Last month the Cyprus Tourism Organisation (CTO) announced the introduction of a National Cyprus Tourism Quality scheme. But, for this coming summer, you will be unlikely to use it to select your hotel as it is still being trialled.

It won’t replace the more familiar five scale rating that we are all familiar with but will complement it. The CTQ is awarded to businesses that apply proven good quality management practices and provide improved service quality standards and facilities, over and above the legal requirements of their specific official classification.

For most of us, customer service is key to holidays and travel so that is the part in which we are most likely to be interested in. The key question is whether it will work especially as it is not compulsory but voluntary and that part of the scheme involves mystery shopping. Finally it will only be available – at least initially – to those places rated three star or above.

Since it was announced there has been a deal of comment in the Cypriot press and why bother to have such a thing given the existence of rating sites. Some have wondered whether it might be just used as a tool to beat hoteliers over the head with and get a better rate. Some cynics have even suggested that brown envelopes might be exchanged between hotels and inspectors.  And what about those that don’t  sign up to the scheme? Should they be considered of a different status because they chose not to join the CTO scheme?

Will we know about those that apply but don’t get graded either gold or silver? Does that constitute failure or will everyone who applies get silver if they don’t win gold? A silver award might still seem as being better than those places that have nothing.

By the times the trials are over, the CTO may have resolved all these questions. In the meantime Just about Travel would be interested in hearing from those holidaying in Cyprus this summer about what they find


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