Air traffic control strikes. Summer must be here!

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arriving planeUpdate:  26th June 2014. The strike has ended earlier than anyone expected. But on Wednesday – to add to the problems – Belgian air traffic controller went on strike for two hours in the early evening. There may be some knock-on effects lasting into Thursday so check with your airline – just in case!

Starting today, French air traffic controllers are going on strike for six days. last week 60% of the 4,000 members of the union voted for strike action. So, just as the Scottish schools break for summer, we will be dogged by some difficulties in flying.

British Airway, Air France, City Jet, easyJet and Ryanair have all announced some cancellations or amendments to servces but they aren’t as widespread as some were anticipating when news of the strike broke last week. The standard news advice applies. Check with your airline before you travel.

For a start many airlines will re-route their planes so that they don’t fly over French airspace. Things will chnage hourly as airlines and airports see what effect the strike will have. French officials have said that 50 per cent of scheduled flights would be maintained. Now more could fly as one of the two unions has decided not to pursue strike action.

Coming after two weeks of rail strikes which did not go down well with the Franch travelling public as well as holidaymakers and travellers, this six day summer event is unlikely to cheer them up! Unless it ends sooner than expected.

All we know is that just as night follows day, summer means smewhere that there will be an air traffic controllers strike!.

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