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© 2014 Scotland's Secret Bunker and Angus Forbes

© Scotland’s Secret Bunker and Angus Forbes

It was odd last week. You wait for a debate in parliament about tourism. And wait and wait and then two come along at once. And it wasn’t even English or Scottish Tourism Week!

In Scotland, the debate really covered just one item – a nuclear bunker as a tourist attraction which provided one of the most darkly humorous quotes of the week when Murdo Fraser referred to it as “another weapon in its armoury to attract visitors.”

Scotland’s secret bunker is at Troywood near Anstruther is celebrating its twentieth anniversary as tourist attraction and, quite obviously, hasn’t been secret for a while apart from those who didn’t know it existed. This anniversary provided MSP’s of all parties with the opportunity to pop up and praise the owner and developer, James Mitchell, of the bunker and to randomly praise tourism in their constituencies. He also has another bunker as a tourist attraction making him one of the nichest visitor attraction providers

In Troywood’s case it wasn’t designed as a nuclear bunker, just one for regional government and the Scottish Office as was but still safe being underground, hidden by a farmhouse and protected by very thick walls. Not for the likes of you and me, it was for civil servants and local politicians.  In there was a “substantial box of King Edward cigars,” Obviously civil servants and politicians need the necessities of life!

And there is another one opening for visitors. According to Fiona Hyslop, the Scottish government minister responsible for tourism, a bunker under Costorphine – “the one that would have been the ministerial headquarters here in Edinburgh” – as she put it – was being developed.  Guess who is behind that one? Yes, James Mitchell – the bunker king. That was scheduled for opening in 2016. If cigars were in place for regional government people what would be in the national government’s bunker. Certainly fine malt whiskies I would imagine.

That there might have been none of us left to rule doesn’t seem to have occurred to the civil servants as the nearest civilian nuclear bunker is miles away. Still it is nice to know that government would continue although who would pay their salaries?

PS. Memo to myself. If political tensions increase, make sure to write nice stories about James Mitchell!

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