Forget Robert Burns

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Robert Burns in the painting by Alexander Nasmyth

Robert Burns in the painting by Alexander Nasmyth

The Deputy First Minister in Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon, has announced that Glasgow Prestwick Airport will not be re-named Robert Burns Airport.

Her reason?

“I have concluded there are strong commercial reasons for retaining the Glasgow Prestwick airport name,” she says.

So Prestwick is a more valuable name than Robert Burns. How? Prestwick has been starved of investment for years and it looks at times like something left over from the 1970’s. Isn’t that how many of us think of the place? If calling it Robert Burns International Airport or even Glasgow Robert Burns International Airport isn’t acceptable what might be?

Calling it Sean Connery Airport would reward one of the SNP’s biggest supporters but would it attract more airlines or passengers to use it?  Next year, on April 26, will be the 700th anniversary of the first parliament of Scotland which was held in nearby Ayr by Robert the Bruce so call it Robert the Bruce Airport. Or how about Elvis Presley Airport since he had a stopover here on the way to Germany in the 1950’s?. That might attract American tourists and American airlines. How about Air Scotia Airport after the mythical airline that was conceived by Forbes Masson and Alan Cumming in their The High Life television series?  Air Scotia was based at Prestwick as I remember.

Or Sturgeon could copy the attitude of football stadia. Like the Emirates Stadium in which Arsenal play or the Etihad used by Manchester City we already have two airlines who sponsor things. Let Prestwick out to the highest bidder for 5 years and they can call it WOW Airport, Wizz Airport or even Ryanair Airport.

It opens up so many possibilities. Aberdeen Airport could become Donald Trump Airport given his golf course will be nearby and he can afford to cough up millions for the naming rights.

J.K Rowling could pay to re-name Edinburgh Airport as Hogwarts Airport  and add a permanent Harry Potter exhibition there. That would bring the tourists although the SNP may not approve of an anti-independence promoter taking over an airport so close to Holyrood. Inverness could become Baxter Airport sponsored by the Highland soup manufacturers and Glasgow International could be named Irn-Bru Airport as Irn-Bru’s owners, A G Barr are just about to launch Irn-Bru ice-cream.

Finally, Dundee could be sponsored by DC Comics and named after the favourite character so it becomes Desperate Dan Airport which reflects how difficult it has been to keep the London links there continuing!


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