I want 7F

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it's that one, just above the engine

it’s that one, in the “o” Why so special?

From easyJet comes a survey of passengers showing that the most popular seat on its planes is 7F.


It’s not as if it is more comfortable than 8F or 6F. It isn’t as if this seat has a free gin and tonic if you sit there or that the legroom is greater or the armrests covered in brushed satin so why do passengers opt-for this seat?

I can’t tell you. easyJet suggests it is because Row 7 is the first in the aircraft available to allocate from the cheaper booking charge of £3 but then why wouldn’t 7A be popular? That is also a window seat.


easyJet might know the answer but they aren’t telling.

It does say that 19C is the least popular seat but provides no reason. It’s an aisle seat as would be 19D so why does the left hand-side of the aisle attract fewer people than those on the right? Some people might suggest that any seat in row 13 might attract fewer passengers because of superstition which, incidentally, is the reason I usually book it thinking that I might have a free seat next to me. In truth that rarely happens so I must stop doing it. So is 19 the new superstition instead of 13?

One clue as to the logic behind the choice of easyJet passengers is that this is based on those who plump for paying extra for seat allocation Those of us who don’t care haven’t been consulted. But those that do select a seat are probably regulars who know the layout of the planes and have opted for their seats for a good reason. And I am faintly aggrieved that I don’t know the reason. I feel I must be missing something. But what?

You get off the plane quicker by being in row 6 rather than 7. The food and drinks trolley will have marginally less goods on it by the time it reaches you in row 7 rather than 6. Any aisle seat isn’t going to have a wonderful view over the countryside because of the people between you and the window so that can’t be it. There isn’t more luggage space so what is it?

And that’s where I stop. I must. Having thought about why 7F is so important I feel I am suffering from the new airline ailment – seat envy. And that concerns me.

Memo to me.

Get a life!

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