Mums look forward to holidays

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is it reallly like this?

is it reallly like this?

This is the astonishing claim made by Novotel as it releases the results of a new survey it has completed across a sample of Mumsnet users.

Readers will know of my inherent skepticism of “market research” which is often just a mask to get the names of sponsors into headlines but even I was drawn to this.

Do mothers really want to see more of their children? I thought most parents viewed holidays with concern  – even dread – as they had to dream up ways of keeping kids occupied for weeks on end. Holidays heralded all those car trips about why haven’t we got there yet and sudden dislikes to all those sandwiches that mothers prepared the night before but to which their offspring have suddenly taken a paranoid dislike to.

On the journey you have played I-spy with them or who’d be the first to spot a yellow car or a rampaging rhino heading up the central reservation of the motorway. You’ve even let them have your I-Pad. Or you did until the first row broke out and you confiscated it just after one or the other threatened to hit the other over the head with it.

It means having to conjure attention-captivating things to do when you arrive at a destination and find that the heavens are depositing raindrops the size of eggs and there is no museum to take them to because it is only open on a Saturday when there is an ”x” in the month. It means having four changes of socks and shoes because the first thing the beloved darlings did was to jump in the puddles or fall in the miniature boating lake.

And when you stop for lunch, all they want are burgers or take-away. You yield because it is the easy option and you don’t want to be the centre of attention if the little angels start screaming their heads off about “it” being unfair that they are being forced to eat a tuna salad. It is at this stage that you have ever an ever so slight understanding of why child battering takes place and instantly regret the fact that you even thought about this subject.

On the return journey you entertain hopes that they might have worn themselves out and fall asleep but no, those fizzy drinks have just made them hyper-active. Why couldn’t they have just drunk water at lunch like you?  You consider the possibility of spiking their drinks with alcohol in future so that they just pass out for the return but that would bring the wrath of do-gooders down on you. You ponder whether do-gooders have children at all.

After all this can you really not agree with me in wondering about this research?

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