Sand sculpture time

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www.visitbrighton.comAs the Daily Mirror let us know a few days ago that temperatures are to reach the 80’s (funny how the media use Fahrenheit when they want to show how hot it will be) people will head to the beaches and that must mean that sand sculpture time is on us again.

In fact in Weston-super-Mare it has already started and some idiots have repeated trouble from a few years ago by vandalising their efforts of the sculptors. Three of the thirty sculptures were damages.  Is this solely due to the fact that when they were younger, these fools found it funny to jump on sandcastles other kids had created and they haven’t grown up?

Like Weston’s, the Brighton Sand Sculpture Festival  lasts throughout the summer but Brighton’s concentrates on a global theme this year.  There will be pyramids, the Leaning Tower of Pisa and iconic structures from all parts of the world. You can even relive your childhood days when you probably last built a castle and watched the sea directed into the moat slowly eat away at the tower edges until the beach was restored to its pristine condition.

You can find all of these on the beach at the Madeira Drive, Black Rock Site, next to the last station of the historic Volks Railway the oldest electric railway in the world.  And although you might behave like a child playing in a giant sandpit, adults will have to pay £4.50 to get in although a family price is just £12. If you can make the organisers believe you are a child then the price is £3!

It isn’t just the Sand Sculpture Festival that occurs in May.Brighton in May means any number of festivals. there is the arts based Brighton festival which has just begun and lasts for three weeks, the fringe which lasts a similar time, a new music festival called The Great Escape, House –  a visual arts festival – and  Artists Open Houses  where 1,000 artists & makers showcase a  of art to the public in over 200 homes & studios.

For more about Brighton, click here.

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