I’ve got my own beach hut!

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The Olpro Beach Hut

The Olpro Beach Hut

One of the advantages of having access to a beach hut is that it provides somewhere to change, somewhere to stay out of the wind and somewhere to eat without having competition from ants and flies for your food.

In the affluent parts of Dorset, buying a beach hut will cost you the same as a small house in some parts of our countries. Renting one can become expensive unless you are a very regular visitor to the same place. So how would you fancy an inexpensive transportable beach hut that you erect yourself?

Launched on April 16, the Beach Hut from Olpro takes seconds to pitch and just a little longer to take down. It is also pretty wind resistant.  It’s fully waterproof so it’s perfect if you get caught in a storm and it can be erected anywhere. Just like standard wooden huts you can have this in any colour as well, proving those colours are blue, red or yellow!

The idea, according to this Worcestershire based company was to create something an adult could stand in, would hold chairs, be something that could protect children from the sun, have hooks for hanging towels and would pop up! They also wanted to make sure it was UV protected,  waterproof and be  easy to pack and carry.

yes, it's that small and light

yes, it’s that small and light

Contained in an 80cm bag you unzip that, pull out the hut and it pops up into a two metre squared hut.   If it’s on sand then you can use the sand pockets – fill them with sand and those alone will hold the hut in place. If on firmer ground, use the guidelines and pegs. There is plenty of room for bags, clothes and beach chairs to get out of the wind and sand whilst you eat.

It even has its own little canopy and poles providing a verandah to give you more space and to watch the world go by as envious other beach lovers covet your hut. And they will!

Who said you had to be rich to own a beach hut?


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