The rat knows all!

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such cruelty to rats

such cruelty to rats

Sad things are afoot at Warwick Castle.

In their words, ” Horrible Histories invades the Castle from 5 April to 31 August to beguile and revile visitors of all ages with terrible tales, four facts and nasty nuggest of historical fact.”

They may have invaded but the levels of their nastiness is terrible to behold. For one of the games that they have brought with them is where any visitor can hurl balls at the models of a rat. And the rat is based on the host of the TV show. This is the rat who knows all; every fact he tells is accu-rat yet now he is treated so abominably by being pelted – in effigy – with balls like a coconut shy.

When the season began last Saturday, people turned up in large numbers to see this vile spectacle but what is worse is that people enjoyed hitting the rats! Is this how we treat our most revered TV hosts? Praise them one minute and knock them down the next?

Yes there might be five encampments located around the castle grounds for this season: Measly Middle Ages; Smashing Saxons versus Vicious Vikings – including the first ever battle re-enactment; Slimy Stuarts; Gorgeous Georgians; and Vile Victorians. 
Yes, there might be new characters this year who will show how life has been lived – and sometimes endured – over the centuries such as Ethelfleda (daughter of Alfred the Great), Guy Fawkes and Fulke Greville – entirely new for 2014. And yes, visitors may be able to  take part in anything from Murder Hole tipping, the Supersize Georgian Ball Maze to Dancing Foot Prints but what of the rat?

All of this is part of the Castle’s 1,100th anniversary celebrations. It was Ethelfleda who had built the first “castle” on the site to stem marauding Vikings not rats. When the castle was being re- constructed at the time of William the Conqueror, it was to control the East Midlands populace, not rats. In medieval times it was used to hold French prisoners captured after the Battle of Crecy and, later Edward IV not rats. Warwick the Kingmaker was of paramount importance during the early part of the Wars of the Roses so why not have hm in effigy dodging balls. No, it has to be the poor old rat.

Next, you’ll find that the giant trebuchet which slings objects further than any other of its type in the world will be used to toss toy rats across the beautifully manicured grounds.

Until August when Horrible Histories closes for the season, this will have to be endured. Will children put up with having a favourite TV host treated in this undignified manner? Yes. And they’ll enjoy every minute of it much to the disgust of all us rat lovers!



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