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CityjetImagine having a plane named after you? Maybe it’s a little arrogant so settle for naming a plane after someone else instead.

You could do, as Cityjet – the regional airline that is expanding its presence in the UK – has decided that we travellers can influence the naming of a plane that’s to be based at Cardiff Airport. To publicise the fact that has started flying from Cardiff to Edinburgh and will fly from the Welsh capital to Jersey in two weeks’ time, it has decided that it will name a plane after one of six Welsh “icons,” their words not mine. We travellers can then vote for one of that six on either Twitter or Facebook and the candidate with the largest vote gets a plane named after them.

Your choice is from a few figures of the past such as St David, Owen Glendower and Dylan Thomas or from three living Welsh people, Gareth Edwards the rugby legend, Simon Weston whose experiences in the Falklands made many people aware of what troops face and the greatest female paralympian – Tanni Grey-Thompson. Worthy as all six are ow did they decide on those?  Why no David Lloyd George, Richard Burton, R.S. Thomas or Hywel Dda who, twelve centuries ago, introduced many laws that we still have regardless of where we live in Great Britain and Ireland?

Christine Ourmières, CityJet’s chief executive officer, said: “We wanted to give the Welsh public the choice of naming one of our planes as a thank you for welcoming us to the city. We look forward to the response and will name the aircraft during April.”

To enter the poll, CityJet and Cardiff Airport fans on Facebook will be invited to cast their vote by liking the images of the icon they want to win. On Twitter, followers can vote by tweeting the name of their chosen hero and @-mentioning both @Cardiff_Airport and @cityjet along with the hashtag #nametheplane.


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