Paris zoo re-opens

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Tabitha, the ant eater

Tabitha, the ant eater

For a long while the zoo in Paris has been closed. During that time the grounds have been thoroughly overhauled so that there are different landscapes within the zoo.


So that visitors can see animals in their natural habitat or as natural as it is possible to create when their living quarters are thousands of miles from where they actually do live in the wild. The new areas will reflect the savannahs of the Sahel-Sudan plain, the rocky coastlines and pampas of Patagonia, the great coniferous forests of Europe, and the tropical climates of Guyana and Madagascar.

There is an exceptional range of threatened species to see, including lemurs, scimitar oryx, and Grevy’s zebra, manatees as well as more usual animals such as giraffes, wolves, lions and anteaters.

So, on April 12th, the zoo re-opens and visitors will be there in large numbers to see how this landscape creation has worked. Visitors will be charged €22 whilst those aged between 12 and 25 will pay € 16.50; those aged 3-11, € 14 and those under 3 will get in free.

Apart from the animals, there is another reason to go the zoo. Within the grounds is what is called, “grand rocher” a rocky hill that towers over the surrounding area and gives a great view of Paris.

Located in the Bois de Vincennes on the eastern side of Paris, the zoo is easy to find. Take the metro, line 8 to Porte Doree.

For more information, click here. At present the website is only in French but from September an English language site will be available as well.


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