Rose Monday Parade

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Tradition / Brauchtum - Karneval, Jecke RathausYou wouldn’t ordinarily think of Dusseldorf as  place where carnivals are held. How often do you hear it linked with Rio de Janeiro, New Orleans or Nice?

But their carnival season  is one of the longest starting at 11.11 on the 11th of November and running until Ash Wednesday. The tradition is that Hoppeditz, the carnival figurehead, is woken from his slumber on that day and stays until the end. And the finale is fast approaching. With lots of regional airport links in the UK on low-cost flights to the city, you’ll find it well within most budget to go and enjoy the frivolity and the fun.

There are more than 300 Carnival sessions, balls, carnival jubilees, receptions and costume parties in the Carnival calendar.  So what is coming up?

Altweiberfastnacht, “Old Ladies’ Carnival” which is on February 27, 2014, at 11:11 a.m. in Düsseldorf’s  Altstadt. (Old Town) This is when the Old Women storm the City Hall. On March 1st, there is a youth parade through the city centre and the day after is Carnival Sunday. In the morning on the   Königsallee is a family-oriented street carnival and in the afternoon, barrel racing!   This traditional event in Niederkassel is just what it says. And you thought we were eccentric!

On Monday is the event the   Rose Monday Parade  (Rosenmontag) which starts just after midday in the city centre.  A gigantic carnival parade will be passing through the entire city centre. Hundreds of thousands of people will spill out onto the streets a festive mood . The parade itself stretches for several kilometers, and always comprises around 60 imaginatively designed floats, together with dozens of bands and parade performers on foot.

Come Ash Wednesday, March 5th, Hoppeditz is carried howling and wailing to his ‘grave’ in the garden of the municipal museum. It’s traditional to give him a good send-off with a wake and a feast of fish which also heralds the start of Lent. there Hoppeditz remains until next November when the fun begins again.

How is it that we have no festivities that last through winter and cheer us up?



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