Didyma’s tulips

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Kalamanta ©  Greek National Tourist Office

Kalamata © Greek National Tourist Office

The Greek town of Didyma in the Peloponnese celebrate – each April – with a tulip festival. It could be that tulips are rather rare but the fields around Didyma are full of them.

This is just one of the things that I learnt about the Peloponnese prior to them taking over the National Geographic shop in London’s Brompton Road this week. Highlighting this south western area of Greece will be the aim of the four day visit which starts tomorrow.

The Peloponnese is the peninsular joined to the main part of Greece by the Corinth Canal. Much of what you learnt in school about ancient Greek civilisation occurred here. This is the land of the first Olympics, of Sparta and the fights against the Persians and the Peloponnesian War of 431 BC-404 BC about which Thucydides wrote. Much later this was where the Greek War of Independence began so one of the obvious attractions of this area is its heritage. But being a peninsular the coastline and its beaches are the other.

Lately though the area has been promoting its cuisine and food products. The town of Kalamata, the second largest city is renowned for its olives although personally, I prefer the slightly peppery taste of its capers having eaten the best part of a small jar of them with just a green salad, not even a Greek one! There is even a museum of the olive in Sparta.

And it’s food that will be on display in the shop starting from tomorrow. There will be two daily tastings of the region’s world-famous olive oil and other products, a photography exhibition and lots more to entice those of you living in or having easy access to London. And there will be tourism and visitor information in abundance. Unfortunately the showcase won’t be travelling to other parts of the UK or Ireland but, for our overseas readers, it will be in  Paris, Vienna, Munich Dusseldorf and Stockholm during the Spring.

There are direct flights into the Pelponnese but only during the summer on British Airways, easyJet, Thomas Cook and Ryanair.

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