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Being prepared: an outfit for travelling at the moment

Being prepared: an outfit for travelling at the moment

After ten hours rail and coach travel yesterday, I went to my hastily arranged hotel room and got to thinking why I had chosen it. In my case, it was what was available at a reasonable price. I looked at Premier Inn, Travelodge and Ibis thinking that they would be cheap and cheerful only to find that they were nowhere near the £29 a night that their websites tend to suggest that prices start at. They were all over £80 so they were instantly dismissed.

Working from an app on my phone, I found something reasonable and booked. Or so I thought! In went credit card details but an e-mail address was not loaded properly. Did I have a room or not? Only one way to find out and that was to ring them. But in the railway cuttings the signal dropped out which was why I probably had no e-mail confirmation either. So much for modern technology! So much for mobile apps!

So in York – my destination – I thought I would walk to the hotel, it being only a few minutes away. So much for booking systems. It might be a few minutes as the crow flies but, since I lack that skill, I had to follow the contours of the roads and railway bridges. Twenty minutes later I was there to find no booking. The hotel receptionist looked, queried the name of the booking agency and checked a different system. Reluctant to let me have a room in case I had confused the name of the hotel – there were others with similar names – and that I would waste money since he told me that it can take a little while to get refunds from some booking organisations, I opted for a slightly higher rate than I had booked with the system. He had been helpful. He didn’t stint on his time helping me so that is where I had stayed the night.

And that demonstrated the first thing about what I want from a hotel; the personal, helpful touch which equates to good customer service.  And isn’t that we all want?


Cartoon © Dan Sperrin

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