Drinking dirty water

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Woudl you drink water like this?

Woudl you drink water like this?

On Tuesday I drank half-a-glass of water that seconds previously had looked like swamp water. Why did I do it? To test a new filter system that will be of benefit not just to people living near unclean water but also to the hundreds of thousands of visitors who travel to the most desolate parts of the world and who cannot be guaranteed safe drinking water.

Two days later I have not a single side-effect.

The secret is both a filter and the plastic bottle in which it is placed. The filter eliminates 99+% of viruses, bacteria, heavy metals, smells, waterborne diseases and bad taste. The plastic container is also safe in that no part taints the water inside. The filter is good for turning 200 litres of unclean water into safe drinking water. And after that, just renew the filter.

There is one proviso. You cannot convert salt water ie sea water into drinking water. For probably every other type of water you’re fine.

The product comes from a company called Water-to-Go Ltd and initially the costs look expensive.  The 75cl re-usable plastic bottle is 324.95 and a pair of filters will cost £14.95. But consider that you can take the bottle through airport security empty and then re-fill from any airport tap knowing that you will have purified water and it’s a lot cheaper than buying bottled mineral water. And you know that it is safe.  You can use hotel tap water knowing that the filter will provide safe water. If you’re trekking through mountains and rainforests then fill the bottle from a river or stream and you know it will be safe after it goes through the filter.

So popular did this prove at last weekend’s Adventure Travel Show in London that the product sold out just after lunch on the Sunday. When they exhibit at Destinations in London this weekend, it will probably sell out as well.

If this story sounds like we are actively promoting the product then, forget it. Just about Travel didn’t get a free sample; we just undertook the taste test. But many of our writers have been to parts of the world where dirty water has been a big problem both to visitors but more importantly to locals. This product will be in the luggage from now on.

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