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Bat Cleft

Bat Cleft

The Australian state of Queensland is a holiday hotspot much favoured by Aussies who head there for a winter sun destination and by Japanese, Chinese and Taiwanese who go there any time of the year. Apart from the sunshine, the beaches and the warmth, Queensland is known for being the state adjacent to the Great Barrier Reef. Many also know of the oldest rain forest in the world – Daintree.

But it is home to some other natural attractions that many visitors don’t know about.

Bat Cleft – about 20 miles north of the city of Rockhampton – is home to the little bent-wing bat maternity sites in Australia. About 80 percent of the country’s known population of breeding females live in this smallish area.  There are also ghost bats – an species that is on the vulnerable list. Between December and February, visitors have the rare chance to see up to 180,000 insect-eating bats swarm out from Mount Etna Caves at sunset to feed. The two mile torchlight tour requires medium to high fitness levels and takes three hours to complete but where else are you likely to see so many bats in one place with an almost guaranteed chance of viewing them?. Tours are held four nights a week on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday evenings. The tour costs $A10 for adults and $A4.95 for children which is about £5.40 and £2.70 in UK money.

moon jelly

moon jelly

I’m not a great fan of jellyfish but watching them gyrate underwater is fascinating. Underwater World Mooloolaba SEALIFE has Australia’s largest collection of jellyfish. Packed with blue blubber jellies, moon jellies, upside down jellies, comb jellies and sea nettles Underwater World visitors will learn about each species as they move through the interactive zone called Jellyfish Kingdom. You can either view them on a self-guided tour or join a daily ocean walk to learn about the ecological significance of jellyfish and the need for their protection. But these tours are pricier at $A34.20 for adults and over $A20 for children.

But after viewing the jellyfish will you go in the water again!




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