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Tourism Malaysia is creating a Student Ambassadors Program. It’s not to encourage students to study in Malaysia, it’s designed to persuade us to holiday there.

The idea has already seen 20 students volunteer as Tourism Ambassador Leaders and to help the three tour operator partners who have signed up already to promote packages to Malaysia with the assistance of Tourism Malaysia, specifically to promote Visit Malaysia Year 2014. Because these students will know the customs, culture and where some of the best places to visit are, the idea is that a tour operator could call on their knowledge to help advise potential clients. Imagine you want to visit Selangor and see the Batu caves. What better than to have someone who has been there or lived nearby to point out what to see, when to go and what to avoid (such as a particular period when the weather isn’t the best.)

As an idea, this looks a winner but Malaysia might want to consider taking it one step forward.

Why not have students being paid a small honorarium on condition they visit one travel agent a fortnight near where they are studying to talk to travel agency staff about an area of Malaysia. Each student would have the right to select one travel agent in their area and one individual to go on a trip to his/her home state and see the sights for themselves. On their return they would post images on Flickr and a video on YouTube showing what they saw.

Think of the local media coverage that would get?

There are over 100 universities in the UK and Malaysian students make up the second largest group of overseas students. Pick a student from each and 100 different areas of the UK would have a Student Ambassador.

And we would know more about a country.

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