How much to tip. If at all.

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The travel money provider ICE – International Currency Exchange – has commissioned a survey to see who tips. More usefully is their advice on how much to tip in each place.

About a third of us tip just under 5% of the total bill. Is this surprising given that to most of us the idea of tipping seems wrong? It’s just another way of getting us to spend money. 14% of us never tip and certainly I find it annoying when a “gratuity” is included in the bill and you are expected to pay it. Before now I have removed that sum and argued it shouldn’t be paid because the service or food wasn’t up to par.

ICE suggests the following;

Brazil 10% (already included in the bill)
Bulgaria Restaurant – 10%
Canada 15%
Croatia 10%
Czech Republic 10%
Egypt 5-10%
France Only if you want – up to 5% (try not giving a tip and see the look you get)
Germany 10% if satisfied
Ireland Optional service usually included – 10%
Latvia Restaurant – 10% if not included already
Netherlands 10%
Spain 5-10%
Thailand Restaurants – 10% Taxis – Round up
Turkey Restaurant – 5-10%
USA 15-20%

Would you agree with these? As a rule I tend to tip about 10% after making sure that it hasn’t already been included in my bill and, incidentally, I do that at home as well as abroad and that 10% applies equally to any country. According to ICE then, in the USA I might be seen as stingy but in Spain, I’m generous.

What are the attitudes of readers?

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