Panning for gold

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and your gold success may end here. Diamond Tooth Gerties!

It was up in Canada’s Yukon that the Klondike gold strike tempted thousands to descend on Dawson City.

The gold rush is long over but visitors – and locals – can still pan for gold. A law allows anyone to pan for gold in any river or creek that has no claim over it. You find out by going to a claims registration office and they will tell you whether you can spend some of your holiday, panning in the creek you’ve found. I suppose in most cases you will find that it’s not possible so should you even bother?
There is another way.

The Klondike Visitors Association has its own stretch of water and you can pan there for nothing and without a licence. What you find, you keep. But is there anything worth panning for you might ask. The answer is that every so often someone is lucky enough to get nuggets which can be worth up to $C200.

Laden with you vast profits from selling the nugget, where might you spend it? One such place where you might is Diamond Tooth Gertie’s – a bar in the city. Obviously she looked down on gold, there being so much in the city that when she needed a denture she chose diamonds instead!

And if you get so lucky that you shun gold because you found so much, you might remember CD-Traveller who suggested you go. Any donations to our charity for over-worked writers would be welcome!

For more about Dawson City, click here.

Image © Hans-G.-Pfaff

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