Nine wineries for $20

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In Portland, Oregon, there has been a growth in wineries, micro-breweries and innovative offers to visitors.

One of these is a passport to urban wineries. This enables you to have tastings at nine different wineries within the city limits for just over $2 a winery. That in itself is a bargain since most vineyards or wineries would charge about the equivalent of a fiver. And if you travelled in France, Spain, Italy or Greece or even over here, the wineries would be far apart. You would be hard pressed to get around nine in a day. You would be even harder pressed to taste in each and still feel competent to drive the rest of the journey even if you followed strict guidelines and swilled the wine in the mouth and spat it out. And who does that? Only TV wine critics.

Oregon’s wines may not be as well-known as those from its neighbouring state of California but they certainly deserve to be. And the passport will help you see which you prefer. It is even coloured a burgundy deep red!

But in Portland there is an excellent local train/tram and bus service so you visit, taste, swallow and hop on a bus to the next winery. It couldn’t get much easier to spend an enjoyable day, tasting some of the best that Portland has to offer!

For more information about Portland, click here.

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