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The British Travel Awards were handed out on Thursday night. Regular readers wil know that one of the interesting elements of these awards is that a number are awarded based on votes by us – the traveller. And this year the organisers say that 117,802 of us voted.

Customer service is one of the items that can make or break a holiday, so which did we – and the trade – think provided the best customer service? Amongst holiday companies the top award went to Thomson Holidays in the large company category, Titan in the medium category size category and Andante in the small company one. Amongst travel retailers, Thomson also came out on top in the large company category whilst Barrhead won the small company category.

Amongst airlines, British Airways won the top category from Thomson (yet again) and Emirates. Gatwick won in the airport category whilst East Midlands Airport won in the smaller airports category.

Bear in mind though that if a company didn’t enter the awards or had its name put forward then it wouldn’t be considered. So just because a company you thought offered or provided good service doesn’t mean to say that others didn’t think the same. There are plenty of companies that don’t enter awards on principle and sometimes, cost. The travel industry is riddled with awards – perhaps too many – but at least these have a consumer element and aren’t dished out by the industry on almost a “buggins turn” principle.

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