Sleeping in a barrel

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Cask strength accommodation?

Pubs have provided accommodation for over a thousand years. Some people may have fallen asleep at the bar and others may have resorted to out-of-tune song renditions such as “Roll out the Barrel.”

Now you can stay in a barrel. OK, not quite a barrel – more a cask. In Aquitaine at the Chateau Vieux Lartigue Castle in Saint-Sulpice-de-Faleyrens (an area which is the home St Emilion wines) they have converted a cask into a place to say. From the images it looks like a new cask rather than one that has already been used for years to produce a good wine. That’s probably just as well because otherwise you might just get merry from the old fumes.

With a kitchenette, large size bed, walk-in shower, wi-fi and a TV, it sounds as though you have all the creature comforts. Apart from wine on tap!

Maybe you'd prefer to stay in a bubbble house

But this isn’t the only slightly unusual form of accommodation that can be found in Aquitaine. In Pompignac they have three tree houses in which you can stay but – as this is also a wine district, could you trust your footing last thing at night? Especially as a ladder or a zip-line (are they serious?) is the method of reaching your bed.

Maybe one of the transparent bubbles – as they call them – which are firmly anchored to terra firma might be a better choice. There is some privacy where needed but enough transparency to watch the stars and the heavens. It could be that you watch the world go around instead of just your room.

For more information about Aquitaine, click here.

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