Fest Napuan and the World Conker Championships

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You might wonder why I have linked these two events. Fest Napuan is a music festival happening in Vanuatu in the south Pacific this week and the World Conker championships are being held in Southwick near Oundle in Northamptonshire today. The answer is that – on the face of it – there aren’t any links.

But both are examples of quite local tourism offers. People in the UK know what is meant by conkers. In Vanuatu they will have no idea. On the other hand, who has heard Vanuatan music over here? Each will be very popular in the own communities and in the own geographies. Outside, who will take the slightest interest?

The most important tourist offerings are not those that the whole world knows about; they are local ones, ones which you can get to in about three hours travelling time. Sometimes even less than that. But they are the ones that probably only local media mention.

To us the conker championships are probably a little bit more amusing. To those from Vanuatu they probably see us as eccentric. The 47th championships has competitors from 15 different countries inluding Venzuela and Australia. So – although seeming British – there are international followers. The same is true at Fest Napuan.

At Fest Napuan this year is the comeback of a local band, Black Revolution. The family band began in 1983 and used their their native language of Emae incorporated into their lyrics. But there will also be bands from Mozambique, Australia and the Solomon islands

Thousands will be attracted to each event. And what each shows is a different culture, a different attitude and different fun. It makes such a change from stereotypic, international events that seem the same. This is what tourism should be about; seeing something different.

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