Have toe; will travel

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Is this a winner?

Got a toe? Still attached to a foot and with other toes next to it? And that foot is still attached to the rest of you? Want a trip to Canada’s Yukon? Here’s your chance.

In one of the oddest competitions I have come across in a while, and containing no element of skill other than being the proud possessor of a toe and preferably a few more to boot, Travel Yukon want to see a picture of your toe. How strange must the people be at this tourist board to want to do nothing in life other than to stare at toes all day long? Personally toes don’t appeal to me a lot but they do have an attraction for the Downtown Hotel in Dawson City. This is where the Sourtoe cocktail originated. Yes, an amputated toe is served in an almost pickled state – and you would need to be to too try this -and you are supposed to allow the toe to touch your lips.

Returning to the competition for a moment whilst I try and forget an image of a severed toe, there is a prize of a trip to Dawson City from any airport in the world from which Air Canada flies. So this worldwide competition is going to attract all manor of shapes of toe. Five lucky – if that is the word – people will be shortlisted and asked to explain why they should win the valuable trip which will entail a meeting with the aforesaid severed toe.

or this?

How do you select a toe? What attractions should a toe have over another? Would nail varnish be allowed since it might obscure some significant deficiency in a toe structure? Should the nail be tightly clipped or allowed to grow a little to emphasise a slim outline? Does size matter? Why does this seem like a Peter Cook and Dudley Moore sketch? There are lots of questions that any entrant must consider before putting his or her toe forward And I haven’t even considered the question of bunions!

You can dress your toe, the organisers say. But do you know any toes that wear dresses? A natty pair of Homer Simpson socks perhaps but that’s as far as I would go. It does make you wonder what the eventual winner might do with his or her toes in order to impress the judges. It sound as though your average toes don’t stand a charge.

If you are still thinking of disporting your toes for the world to see, then Travel Yukon wants you to post them on Facebook. There are a hundred there already and, quite frankly, some of them are pretty disgusting.

Yukon is a fascinating place to visit I’m told by my Canadian relatives. But do I really want to put my toe through such a rigorous ordeal just to win a trip? But then, you might.

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