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Ryanair flies away

Good bye Ryanair

Have you ever got to the point where an irritant deters you from ever doing something? Ryanair has succeeded in that with me.

I was checking their prices for a trip to Nuremburg in Germany since they offer a direct service. With just about every other airline site you feed in the dates you want to fly, up pop reminders about travel insurance, hire cars and hotels which you dismiss and then you get to pay the bill. That usually takes just a few minutes.

Not with Ryanair. Because they, quite rightly in my opinion, object to those automated programmes that crawl over websites removing fares and then sell them on to you at higher prices, they introduced a now familiar feature where you have to enter a hazy word that pops up on the screen before you can progress. Such a method stalls the automated searches.

But whilst you wait for that screen a sound advert is played. It’s not related to where I’m flying; it’s just a random advert that, because it is being played, makes Ryanair money. And if I am searching for prices for a quick break, I’ll look at a few places. Each time I look at a dfferent destination I have to put with this. I could skip the ad but not until I am forced to listen to some of it before I can skip. Yes I can turn down the sound and that would remove some of my irritation but the ad is still there and I am making money for Ryanair and deriving no benefit to me.

Deciding I had had enough I closed the screen. And what is underneath but an ad from TripAdvisor offering me hotels in the destination I was considering. If I wanted to use that site I would go to it. And I am certainly not going to contribute to Ryanair’s vast coffers that it makes from ancillary revenue by clicking on another site via theirs.

In the space of looking at three destinations, I have had six adverts. And since I don’t want TripAdvisor, and nor do I want remedies for constipation, a dishwasher or eye drops I have decided to give up on Ryanair too.

If they pay me money to look at their site, perhaps I’ll re-consider.

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