Loch Lomond in the autumn

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a solitary boat cruises across the loch as the clouds come lower

Hardly have the schools returned and destinations are rolling out campaigns to persuade us to visit them. Smaller places have much less money so, today, I thought I would highlight Loch Lomond which is spending just £85,000 over the next few months.

the clearness of the water in the shallows

One of the advantages that the area has is that most people know the name because of the song which dates back to at least the 1840’s and seems to have been recorded by almost everyone – even Bill Haley and the Comets! The area is also known for its beauty and since the loch is the largest in Scotland it already attracts a lot of visitors – particularly those from overseas.

feeding the loch

The strength of tourism in the area is shown by the fact that the “Love Loch Lomond” is a consortium of over 100 tourism businesses be they hotels, tour guides, hotels, boat trips or other ventures. They have delved into their pockets to find half of the funding for the campaign.

all calm as evening approaches

As an outdoors attraction, the appeal is to boating enthusiasts, walkers and ramblers, day trippers and those that are awed by the prettiness of the countryside. So rather than point out things and places to visit it is easier to let the area promote itself.

the shorline has intriguing features too!

a wakers' lot...

getting ready for stone skimming

the walking lands around the loch

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