Meet Meryl the caver this weekend

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Meryl all set for caving

Underneath the picturesque woodland on top of Alderley Edge, lies a huge network of abandoned copper mines. Over 20 miles of tunnels run through the sandstone outcrop. And in those mines, the National Trust, Derbyshire Caving Club members and Meryl help maintain the mines – draining passages, checking for rock movement, and keeping entrance gates and shaft covers secure.

Because Meryl is a caving club member, other dogs are admitted too making this one of the more unusual places you can take your dog. And if yours enjoys it as much as Meryl does, you’ll have a really good day out.

Twice a year, parts of the mines are opened to the public. And this coming weekend – 7th and 8th of September – is one of those times. Derbyshire Caving Club members offer guided tours (around one hour long) which reveal 240 million year old rock and fossils, how metals were extracted from their ores, and what conditions were like for miners through the ages. Tours can be tailored to your ability, from an easy stroll to climbing ladders and crawling through tight passages for the more adventurous. They provide helmets and lamps – you will just need waterproof shoes or wellies, and warm clothes – it can get a little muddy down there and will feel cooler than outside.

where dogs go, so can people

If your visit whips up your enthusiasm, then caving club members can obviously visit the caves more often. And your dog may find it fun too!

For more information on the mines, click here.
For more information about Derbyshire Caving Club, click here.

Images © Edward Coghlan

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