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Does it appeal to you?

So says an American report from the Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA) and The George Washington University. It claims that the adventure travel market has grown by 65% every year since 2009.

To put this in perspective, adventure tourism has become more appealing to people just in the last few years so the base by which this is measured was quite low. Secondly, my natural scepticism comes into play when I find that the research broadly is in favour of the commissioning organisation.

Having said that the same approach was taken this time as was taken in the previous study so we are comparing like with like. That the timeframe over which the studies took place was during one of the worst economic downturns for decades suggests that this growth is here to stay. Adventure holidays are not necessarily cheap so that people shelled out their hard-earned money during this period supports the thinking that adventure holidays are going to be more appealing as one person tells another.

Back in 2009, the report then estimated that the worldwide value of adventure holidays was $89 billion and that excluded airfares. The latest estimate is that this has jumped to more than $345 billion in 2012. Could this growth be down to defining what is and isn’t “adventure” tourism? The ATTA defines it if it involves two of the following three elements, with the core of an adventure trip involving all three: connection with nature, interaction with culture, and a physical activity.

Are you an adventure traveller? The average profile of on is younger than the average holidaymaker, you are likely to be a Facebook addict and you spend ten days or so on a holiday and you spend more money than an average holidaymaker. What the travel industry will like is that is that 45% of adventure travellers plan on using a tour operator on their next trip, compared to only 31% of non-adventure travellers.

So the next time you wander into a travel agent see if they start suggesting a lazy, relaxing beach holiday or if they dive straight in and suggest whale watching as you para-glide over the cliff edges of some remote erupting volcano!

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