Why don’t under 29 year olds travel as much?

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Where are the under 29's? © Dan Sperrin

In the UK, those aged 15-29 took six million holidays in 2012. Their German counterparts took 13 million. Why the reluctance of our group to travel abroad?

Is it because everything they seek in a holiday is to be found in the UK? Are they cash-strapped? Is this group at child-rearing stage which makes travel difficult? Don’t they like going abroad?

The research comes from ITB, the operators of the largest trade show in the world which is held each March in Berlin. Their study – World Travel Monitor – conducted by IPK has been surveying holiday habits for over 20 years. They compared the holiday habits of the Germans and ourselves as, between us, we make up the largest group of holiday takers in Europe. Unfortunately this research doesn’t answer the question as to why our under 29’s are less likely to holiday abroad. But then this age group as a whole seems to take fewer overseas holidays. It just is that ours take even less. But it does mean that domestic tourism offerings could have a great chance to convert them to UK holidays and, once hooked, may prefer to stay in this country in the future as well.

In contrast to the younger element, our over 50’s made 15 million trips abroad (nearly 20% of all holidays taken by this age group in Europe) compared to 13.5 million by German over 50’s and preferred the sun and beach holidays. Our youngsters were less attracted to beach holidays whereas in Germany the opposite was true. Does this seem right to you that under 29 year olds prefer the beach less than older people?

However, they all have one thing in common: Spain, France and Italy, their top three preferred holiday destinations so the age-old stories about the holidaymakers jostling on the beaches may still have truth in it. It’s just that our over 50’s are jostling with German youth for the same piece of beach!

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