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How Frankfurt usually looks...

To many, Frankfurt is just seen as a business centre where financiers and bankers congregate, work and escape at weekends. It also holds one of the biggest festivals in the world, attracting over 3 million people every year to the banks of the River Main.

The Museum Embankment Festival starts this Friday and continues over the weekend. For just €4 you have free entry into all participating museums. Even if that was just for a couple that would be good value but there are 24 from which to choose.

One of those is the Money Museum of the Deutsche Bundesbank which will be found in a tent on the northern bank of the river. On the face of it, perhaps not the most appealing of attractions when there are so many to choose from. But there is a chance to win prizes such as a €20 gold coin and various €10 commemorative coins. Whoever comes closest to guessing the number of shredded banknotes will win a €100 gold coin. Without fears of being arrested, you can strike your own souvenir coin and children can design their own banknote.

...and what it will be like this weekend!

After you have made your coins you might want to join in the rest of the fun. There will be dragonboat racing, a variety of sports activities that you can join in with all courtesy of local sports’ clubs. Perhaps you would prefer to watch the jugglers, acrobats or the clowns from the Mayki Circus or just wait for the music to start in the evening? You could join in yourself as there will be a karaoke. But if you just want to listen you have a wide choice amongst the dozens and dozens of acts. The Teabag Naggers will be there along with A Tribute to Johnny Cash, Imperial Mustard, Percussion Drum Show; Frankfurt Jazz Connection and The Punch’n’judy Show, the last not being quite like an afternoon at a British seaside!

Each year there is a theme and this year it is Brazil so expect lots of dance which, if not all Brazilian, is certainly South American.

As you might gather, although the main theme is to introduce locals and visitors to what the museums have on offer, it really is the opportunity for a big summer,weekend party. Although we have night openings next month to encourage more of us to visit our museums, maybe this is an idea worth copying by one of our larger cities.

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