Caravan MOT’s

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The idea has been mooted that there should be a test similar to a car MOT for caravans. Pro supporters have suggested that safety should be a priority and anti-supporters have stressed cost as the main objection plus the comment that it might affect tourism.

A specialist insurance company, Cover4Caravans, claims that research it has done this month shows that “costly new tests could have a serious affect on the holiday habits of cash-strapped Brits,” and that “Since the economic crisis, the number of people opting for caravan holidays has increased, due to how cost-effective it is.”

I hope that the company is better at insurance than understanding caravanners.

People who holiday in caravans have as little or as much money as any other type of holidaymaker. Those thatv are cash-strapped are probably not holidaying anywhere. Most prefer caravanning for the ability to have your own things around them and to be able to put up where you want. Those that book and stay at static caravan sites may stay there because it is cheaper (has the company thought that people might actually prefer this type of holiday?) but those that own them (ie those affected by any MOT introduction) have spent thousands if not tens of thousands on their caravans and an MOT fee would be small in comparison.

The suggestion by the company is also that,”…as most people travelling currently do so within the UK, and if they can’t afford to travel, the areas they normally visit and spend money in will suffer too!”

So Dorset and Cornwall, the top two hotspots for caravanners according to the company, are set for an economic meltdown if this MOT comes in. Again this comes back to understanding those that stay at static sights and those that have their own. The first will still go there because costs will remain the same, the second will continue to travel because they like this type of holiday.

I would be wrong to say that no-one might give up caravanning because of any MOT-type introduction. But I think I’d prefer to keep caravans that are not roadworthy off the road. And research away from people who don’t understand it!

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