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Today is World Mosquito Day. They can be annoying as they are in the UK; they can be killing vehicles. Most of us will not catch malaria when we holiday but we should be aware of where to find simple, easily understood advice.

We holiday in our millions. That means by the Laws of the Medes and the Persians, some of us will get ill and, unfortunately some will get very ill requiring medical expenses that can run into tens of thousands of pounds.

That’s one of the reasons why travel insurance is a useful thing to have even wherever you go. ABTA reported earlier this year that there is still a percentage of us – 16% – who believe that they don’t need it because our governments will pay for treatment abroad. Not so; governments are great at spending our money but not on our holiday problems so get insurance. Last year nearly 340,000 claims were made.

Now the annual CD-Traveller lecture is over let me introduce you to a few websites that might help you if you do end up with a minor ailment whilst you are travelling or holidaying. From NHS (Scotland) comes Fit for Travel which carries updated advice and country specific information. It also has a useful section on how to spot counterfeit medicines which can turn up almost anywhere in the world. The linked warning here is only to buy from somewhere that seems to you from to be reliable.

Our foreign office gives advice on 225 destinations with separate pages for things like what to do if you lose your passport or need consular access whilst you are travelling. There is more information than at first sight but you have to have to look for it as it may not be instantly show on one page.

Similarly the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade website gives a lot of unformation and their website is easier to work through than that of the UK. It doesn’t have as much medical advice though.

An American site, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, has more medical advice and has notes on what to look for in medecines that you might buy,so that even if they are in a foreign language, certain words should be recognisable.

Talking of mosquitos, Cathrene wrote a story about which insect repellants worked for her on a trip to Scotland. You can read that story by clicking here.

Some other sites that are worth carrying details with you or reading before you go include;

The National Travel Health Network and Centre
Public Health England

Otherwise, as I said, get good travel insurance, use common sense and enjoy yourselves. With luck you’ll catch nothing more than a sun-tan!

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