Biplane over the Keys

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For those holidaying in Florida, Orlando and Kissimee are the destinations that draw the crowds. If you have been there a few times, you travel a bit further say to Cocoa Beach, Cape Canaveral, the Everglades or Tampa on the Gulf of Mexico cast. Eventually holidaymakers might head for the art deco district of Miami Beach and some make it to the Florida Keys. That’s the problem with Florida – too much to see. But everyone should get to the Keys.
The issue that I have had with the Keys is that they look better from the air than they do on the ground. Anyone who has flown over them in a commercial flight is high enough to see the differing islands, the 7 Mile Bridge and some of the sights but too high to enjoy them properly.

You could travel in one of the aerial tours but how about doing something a bit more different? You could fly over the Keys in a WWII biplane? The biplane is a Waco UPF-7 which dates from 1940. Despite the unfortunate name which suggests you have to be mad to go up in it this two seater open-air plane will give you some fantastic views of the area. Operating out of Marathon Airport in the Keys means that you don’t waste flight time getting to the Keys in the first place. As soon as you are in the air you are sightseeing. That makes prices reasonable.

Depending on the length of your flight you’ll pay between $110 for an 8-10 minute flight up to $599 for an hour long trip. The company operating the flights, Overseas Aero Tours, has been providing tours of the area for twenty years so know the area well. Whilst they say you don’t need to book, it is advisable to do so particularly at weekends or holiday times (US holiday dates that is!) But remember, being a small plane and you being open to the elements that flights are at the mercy of the weather. Strong winds, and rain will cause flights to be postponed so be prepared.

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