Antarctic wildlife

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Humpback whales came surprisingly close to the ship

Cruises to the Antarctic are popular amongst those that can afford it. And that’s the key; these cruises are pricey. But then as you chat down the pub or over a restaurant table, how many of you can say that you have been there?

an estimated 750,000 albatrosses inhabit the Antarctic

What can you see on such a trip?

Courtney travelled on a scientific exploration trip and spent eight weeks there earlier this year.

called the most beautiful bird in the Antarctic - the snowy petrel

It’s not like a cruise would be as she had to work a twelve hour shift from midnight to midday during her time there. But it did give her an opportunity to see the wildlife day in and day out. Whether you’d be lucky enough to see as much as she did, CD-Traveller can’t say but at least you have an idea of what it is possible to see.

dolphins seemed to be always around the ship

Hump back whales, leopard seals, emperor penguins, albatrosses, snowy petrels and dolphins are to be seen but so is the stark landscape, ice-flows and glorious sunsets. And if you are lucky, it is possible to see the aurora australis – the southern hemisphere’s equivalent of the northern lights.

penguins on one of the ice flows

One seal got very inquisitive.

One seal takes an interest in us. Most slept

Images © Courtney Derriman

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