Smartphones are more important than sun cream

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Yet another survey. This time it is from Columbus Direct the travel insurance specialists and the reason I mention it is because this one seems to highlight a change in the way we think.

The top three items that Britons insist on taking with them on holiday are smartphones (33%), books or an e-book reader (22%) and sunglasses. (16%) Taking sun cream or a camera was still in the top ten but each had only 5% of those surveyed saying they would take it.
Does this show that the smart phone is being used as a camera and people are not bothering to take both? The quality of images taken by smartphones is so good now that it is better than some cameras that are only five or so years old. So if you have a smartphone why buy a camera. Unless you are avid photographer of course.

The fact that people rate sun cream quite lowly could be because they are holidaying in areas not really known for strong sunshine. More likely it is because forget to pack it, buy it at the airport or get it when they arrive. Who hasn’t packed sun cream only to find that it has leaked? So it doesn’t necessarily be the case that people are treating it lightly.

In the old days, you had to remember things because you couldn’t get them at certain destinations. With my aunt in the 1960’s it was soft toilet tissue in Zambia. Today you can get virtually anything at your destination so why clutter your luggage?

And in these days when no-frills airlines charge so much for luggage leaving a camera at home and using a smartphone seems a smart idea.

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