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Malmesbury; where the Athelstan Museum is

The announcement is less than a day old but I confidently predict that newspapers, magazines, television and radio stations will all carry stories over the next few days about baby items. Where will you find a baby-free zone? CD-Traveller perhaps?

No, we thought about it and decided we should pitch in as well. It must attract readers otherwise media wouldn’t do it. And with the ISP’s deciding who gets to see what e-mails, all of us online publications need readers. If ITV’s Daybreak can have comment from Miss Piggy and Kermit shouldn’t we get involved?

But what?

How about places that you can take babies on holiday? Or places where babies can be easily avoided which is designed for the crotchety (and me) who can’t tolerate baby screams or the syrupy language that adoring relatives and friends use in the sight of anything lifelike under twelve months old? Or we could write about ten places to visit around the world where you might find the finest baby clothes or toys suitably tested to last six months under any conditions, Except in the hands of babies! How about a dozen places to visit where it is impossible to get hold of the BBC, CNN, Sky, The Son (as it labels itself this morning) or any other media outlet. Even Al Jazeera is covering it widely.

We could cover ten sites in London connected to royalty – except that there are hundreds – or five places the baby got taken to whilst still in the womb but someone has probably done it and called it “a womb with a view!” But I did write that we would publish no more stories along the lines of 10 this and 5 that. You can see that I’m running out of ideas now which is what other places are doing as well. The BBC had an interview with a journalist in Canada’s Victoria in British Columbia who talked about how the place was named after Queen Victoria.

But there’s an idea. We’ll postpone the story until the boy is named and then look at places around the world that are named after kings. There must be a Wayne or Delroy somewhere that I can ask a writer to cover for us. But they might go for a more traditional name. There are so many places named after Edward, George, David, Henry, James and Philip that we would be writing stories for weeks. So, for our sake, choose a name like Edwy or Athelstan. Athelstan is a good name. There is even a museum named for him in Malmesbury. These are regal names but there are fewer places we’d have to visit!

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